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How to rent?

You can rent clothes online and we deliver.

You can come to our library to try on and rent.

In order to check out clothes from CLOSET, you need to have our membership card. You get one when you first time check out, either online or in library.

A copy of your photo ID is required to register, as well as yearly insurance, which will automatically add to your cart when expired.  


How to pay?

You can pay each time you check out and no limitation of numbers of clothes you check out. However, you have to return in one month or extend the time in your online order status. 

You can pay monthly subscription fee. 

Learn more about subscription


How to clean?

We will clean the clothes for you.


How to return?

You can ship the clothes back to us or drop in our library. You will find returning address in both your online order status and the shipping package you receive.


How about damaging or lost?

You can notify us in your personal renting status or directly contact us if you damage or lose our clothes. Or we will contact you if we detect anything damaged after your return.